Help support Shelter House

Shelter House in the heart of Fairfax exists for families in need - whether they're short term or long term.

Brian and Laila - immigrants from Iran - are just such a family. They found themselves in the U.S. with two daughters - but very little money and few job prospects. They needed help.

Shelter House helped the family by providing them with a hotel room.

Without Shelter House, hundreds of needy families every year would find themselves with no options.
It's not what you think a shelter should look like.

"Not a stadium at all. This is a house - it's a gathering place. Hot meals three times a day, tutoring for the school kids, a computer lab for homework and parents to work on resumes. It's all about moving on and moving out," said a spokesperson.

More than any other time of the year, this is the season you want to be in your own house.

To find out more about Shelter House and how you can help, click here.