Garland Marine dies in accident off Hawaiian coast

A Marine from Garland died over the weekend after his fishing boat capsized off the coast of Hawaii where he was stationed.

Marine Sgt. Jaylon Walker, 24, died in the accident late Friday -- just one month before he was supposed to come home to Texas.

"The Marine Corps came twice that morning, one time they gave us the wrong name. And so I told my husband that we dodged a bullet about them serving us bad news and I took a nap and I woke up and they were back at the door," Mary Walker said.

It was a terrible mix up that had her relieved one minute and reliving the horror the next.

"We were supposed to be picking him up at the airport April 28, and his birthday was next month on the 15 th ," said Walker. "He exemplified what any African American man could be. He exemplified it times 100. "

Walker said she'd been cleaning up her son's room preparing for his return home after five years in the service when marines showed up Saturday morning.

Jaylon was fishing with friends off Oahu when their boat capsized on Friday. He attempted to swim back to shore but didn't make it.

"One of the last texts I told him during the week was the fact that I was so proud of him for accomplishing everything that he wanted to do," Walker said.

Walker said Jaylon had been disappointed he was never deployed outside the U.S., but he was anxious to get home and go to school and was already securing a job.

"He knew God and I know that God recognized what kind of person Jaylon was and that's why he needed him to come home," Walker said.

The two men Jaylon Walker was with that night were able to swim back to shore.