Family of little boy's balloon sent to heaven found in Georgia

The family of the little boy who sent a helium balloon to his father in heaven was located on Wednesday evening in Oxford, Georgia.

In an story that FOX 5 shared on Wednesday afternoon, a family of four in Monroe, Georgia discovered a wet balloon in their backyard that contained a photo and wish of a little boy to his father in heaven.

"I saw an object in our yard and didn't know what it was," said Suzanne Edwards. "It was raining all day on Tuesday, so we didn't go outside, so we were able to retrieve the object this morning."

The object was a helium balloon that floated into their backyard and landed on their hearts. "My husband walked in the door with a tear in his eye and told me to read the note. After I read the note, I just cried!"

The note found read, "Dad, I wish you were here so we could have fun together. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you tell God to give me those presents. I hope you are happy in heaven. If you are, ok then tell me. I love you, Alexander."

"A parent from Alejandro's karate class contacted me on Wednesday asking me if I have seen the story going around about my son," said Yudy Ramirez, the boy's mother. Ramirez spoke with social media producer Marnie Williams at FOX 5 and said, "It was a miracle that Suzanne's family found his balloon."

The balloon was found just 20 miles from the Ramirez family home.

Alejandro was just four when he watched his father, Carlos, die in the street in Cúcuta, Colombia, on December 4, 2013.

Every year on the anniversary of his father's death, Alejandro, with his mother and his stepfather, releases a balloon with a message. "Alejandro sends a different message in a balloon to his father twice a year; one on the anniversary of his death and one on his birthday," said Ramirez.

"The mother, Yudy, of this boy has reached out to me. She was very touched by my post, and did relay it's message to her son. She said he had a tear of joy and was so glad to know his dad is happy," said Suzanne.

Yudy has been in contact with Suzanne, but is unsure of meeting her and her family personally. "I want my son to believe that his note reached his father in heaven," said Yudy.