Cherry blossoms reach peak bloom as cold air returns; warmer weather back by midweek

The ups and downs of the first few weeks of spring continues as cold air, more reminiscent of February than of April, moves in to our region.

FOX 5's Mike Thomas says chilly temperatures Monday morning were in the 20s and 30s - and that's no April Fools' Day joke! They'll be plenty of sunshine but it will be breezy, Mike says. It was even cold enough that a few snowflakes were seen falling in the Hagerstown area and other parts of western Maryland and the Maryland panhandle.

The National Park Service announced on Monday that D.C.'s most famous trees have reached their peak bloom and the cool down might be just what they need to stick around a little longer. FOX 5 spoke with Mike Litterst of the National Park Service who said warmer temperatures will accelerate the blossoms through to the leaf stage -- but the cooler air that's expected early this week could keep the blossoms around through the weekend. Litterst said this past weekend's winds didn't blow too many of the colorful flowers off of the trees because the blossoms are still strong and hanging onto the branches at this early point in their development cycle.

Mild weather makes it return by Wednesday as temperatures climb back into the 60s. The 60s stick around for the rest of the workweek with highs in the 70s moving in for the weekend and even approaching 75 degrees on Sunday.