2 local kids write book 'The District of Hamilton,' inspired by hit musical

Broadway play "Hamilton," about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton, is one of the hottest tickets in town.

Two boys from Arlington, Alden Humphrey and Spencer Park are now taking their shot to get kids interested in the life of Hamilton.

Their book "District of Hamilton," is a colorful guide to DC-area attractions tied to the popular founding father.

"We had been listening to the music a lot, and we like the musical, and we thought that was an interesting story, so we decided to learn more about it, and since I had already written two books, I got together with Alden and we decided why not write a third one," said Spencer.

The two boys hope their book will inspire others to get interested in history and go visit the historic sites around the area.

The book has places of interest around DC, as well as Mount Vernon, Monticello, the printing borough and different sites that are all related to Hamilton.

Spencer and Alden love the music from Hamilton and hope to have the chance to meet show creator Lin-Manuel Miranda himself.

Spencer and Alden's book "District of Hamilton" can be purchased online.