2019 Foliage Forecast: Best trees for leaf peeping

It's one of the few times when peeping is encouraged — the fall foliage across the Mid-Atlantic is oftentimes a spectacular array of orange, red and yellow hues.

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Having worked for a time with a landscape crew, I developed an eye for awesome tree displays in the fall months.

So what are my favorite trees to look for? I have created a scale 1-5 with 1 being lame to five being on par with the 4th of July fireworks.

Maple Trees - 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁

Such a wonderful and festive tree in the fall! Beautiful yellows, oranges and of course reds with every combination of colors imaginable in their canopies. Maples and in particular red maples are a must when looking for fall leaves.

Ginkgo - 🍁 🍁 🍁

Mellow in yellow! Ginkgo trees flourish with a gorgeous yellow canopy that brightens streets and neighborhoods across the region. The only drawback? They produce a stinky fruit that smells like something the cat dragged in. Minus points for the fruit but a wonderful fall tree.

Dogwood Tree -  🍁 🍁 🍁

Found in neighborhoods throughout our region the dogwood delivers beautiful flowers in the spring and then puts on a wonderful display of ruby red leaves and red stems in the fall that gives every garden a nice splash of color. Check them out next time you’re on a walk!

Spruce - 🍁

Well a spruce is an evergreen tree so it stays green all winter long! Beautiful when covered in snow…but not great for fall leaf peeping. One leaf!!!

Thoughts? Any trees we need to add to our list? Let me know on Twitter at @TuckerFox5