TV imitates life? 4K televisions a big hit with dogs

- With Christmas coming up soon, one of the hottest gift items this year are the new Ultra HD 4K televisions. But it turns out these new sets are not only popular with people, they are a big hit with dogs.

The resolution is so clear that many dog owners are reporting their pups can't stop watching them.

Charlie is one dog we met that likes to get outside. He loves long walks, but watching TV is not his thing.

"Not at much as other dogs, but he watches some,” said Grant Kessler, Charlie’s owner.

But Kessler wants to change Charlie's mind and the reason is a viral YouTube video of dogs and other animals watching an LG Ultra 4K TV. It has racked up over a million views.

Francis Hall of Graffiti Audio Video in Northwest D.C. said 4K TVs generate the same reaction every time people see one – “Wow!”

But will Charlie behave like the dogs in the YouTube video and become Kessler’s television-watching buddy? We fired up a new 4K television to see what would happen.

"He likes the stuff of animals making sounds and stuff on the Serengeti the most,” said Kessler.

With a few searches, we found Charlie some Ultra 4K Serengeti cheetahs, and yep, Charlie ate up the big cats in all their 4K glory until it got a little too real.

"When the four lions were coming at him, that's when his ears definitely peaked up when he saw them walking towards him,” Kessler said.

Canine experts said the difference may be in how dogs see things differently than people.

"Dogs eyes, they can't see the same way that we can, so the higher the resolution, the clearer the picture actually becomes to the dog,” said Jordon Rolnick, who works at the PetMAC Marketplace and Adoption Center in Washington D.C.

For Charlie, it means his owner is going to have a nice surprise this holiday, and it's not a new bone.

"Actually, I am getting one,” Kessler laughs. “It's going to be my Christmas present to myself -- the 65-inch version of this Sony.

These Ultra HD 4K television sets are not cheap. Some models can run up to $5,000.

But this comes as new networks are rolling out programming scientifically designed and created for dogs as viewers. DOGTV started hitting both DIRECTV and streaming video systems as it is being billed as the first TV channel for dogs.

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