Monitoring Metro

  • 15-year-old girl arrested for Green Line Metro attack

  • Person assaulted by 2 suspects at L'Enfant Plaza Metro station

  • Metro rider claims he was arrested for fare evasion after using free pass

  • DC commissioner to form neighborhood lookout to fight Metro crime


  • 1 arrested in high-speed chase with baby in car

  • Security officers fatally shoot sailor in Virginia Beach

  • 2 teens hospitalized after shooting at Metro station

  • 2 dead in Anne Arundel County car wreck


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Worrisome trend of nitrous oxide abuse or ‘nozz’ parties

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  • Teens are filling balloons with something dangerous. Victoria Spilabotte reports on the worrisome trend of

    Worrisome trend of nitrous oxide abuse or ‘nozz’ parties

  • A former military analyst went in for a routine procedure but left the hospital without her hands and feet. The doctor in the medical malpractice lawsuit took the stand in court and said the mistake that cost the woman her way of life was not his fau

    Woman who lost hands, feet sues doctor

  • The Justice Department will step up enforcement of federal law against recreational marijuana, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday, offering the Trump administration's strongest indication to date of a looming crackdown on the drug, even

    White House expects Justice crackdown on legalized marijuana


    Tiny raccoon being hand fed by rescue

  • FOX 26 News reporter Lindsey Henry

    New home for woman after rat infestation

  • Tuttle, Oklahoma

    Tiger cubs need names

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Tebow headlines prom for teens with special needs

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