Monitoring Metro

  • 15-year-old girl arrested for Green Line Metro attack

  • Person assaulted by 2 suspects at L'Enfant Plaza Metro station

  • Metro rider claims he was arrested for fare evasion after using free pass

  • DC commissioner to form neighborhood lookout to fight Metro crime


  • Katherine Hunter (left) and Shani Burriss (Photos: Metropolitan Police Department)

    DC police searching for two missing 17-year-olds from DC

  • SURPRISE SCHOLARSHIPS! GW University delivers acceptance letters, scholarships to DC students

  • Talking With Tony: Living Large

  • Man wounded in officer-involved shooting in Southeast DC


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Employees to move into Apple Park campus

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  • Mike Mibach reports

    Employees to move into Apple Park campus

  • Twenty models are suing a Tampa swingers club in federal court - accusing the club of using their photos for advertisements without permission or payment. The club, Eyz Wide Shut bills itself as Tampa's Premiere Swingers Club. It advertises using ima

    Swingers club accused of using models' images

  • With US Senator Marco Rubio and bill sponsor US Senator Bill Nelson looking on; President Trump signed the NASA Authorization Act of 2017 Tuesday.

    Bill boosts NASA funding

  • A Valley man who, as a teenager, dazzled President Barack Obama at the White House in 2012 is now battling a medical diagnosis that seemingly came out of nowhere. FOX 10's Matt Galka reports.

    Valley man who dazzled President Obama now battling mental illness

  • Natalie Solis reports.

    Denison PD: Teen staged kidnapping

  • Police say DNA evidence has linked another victim to the serial killer known as the

    Police: DNA links new victim to 'Baseline Killer' case

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WINTER'S REVENGE! March winter storm delivers snow to DC area

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  • Woodbridge, Va. (Photo: Matthew Carter / Facebook)

    WINTER'S REVENGE! March winter storm delivers snow to DC area

  • Tucker Road Ducks ice hockey team

    Black History Month: Tucker Road Ducks ice hockey team

  • Tebow headlines prom for teens with special needs

  • PHOTOS: Super Bowl LI game day in Houston

  • Apollo 1 memorial service

  • PHOTOS: Protests of Trump's inauguration in Washington