Ellicott City flood survivor on being swept away in water: 'Thought it was the end of the world'

- As Ellicott City residents and businesses continue recover from the devastating floods from last Saturday night, more people are sharing their incredible stories of survival.

Many videos shared on social media showed just how strong the water was as it easily overpowered people and cars. FOX 5 caught up with one woman seen holding onto a windshield wiper of a car while her friend was hanging on to the side mirror to keep from drowning.

Sarah Huber was working a Saturday night shift at Sweet Elizabeth Jane, one of the businesses that was damaged by the flooding. She said everything happened so fast. First, the rain began and then a small amount of flooding, which is not unusual. However, the gushing water grew quickly.

Once the three employees stepped outside, everything changed.

“We were all holding hands, we were all linked together and we started going up the street, and one of the girls fell and she went under water and I was holding onto her bag trying to hold onto her and she let go,” said Huber. “That is when I went under water and I went over the top of a car and back under water. That is when I grabbed on to the other car.”

She only had time to react and not think. But what did cross her mind was this: “I just thought it was the end of the world. Once I got on the car, I was like this is the end of the world. I looked up and everything was brown. Like the water was brown, the sky was brown.”

The terrifying scene resembled an apocalyptic movie as people watched from streets and took videos from nearby restaurants.

Huber doesn’t remember how, but she and her friend washed onto higher ground and got off the car. It was just in time as the car was headed straight toward the river.

“It doesn’t feel real,” she said. “It just feels like a dream that happened.”

Huber said that their co-worker who was separated from them initially by the current is also fine. She washed onto the door of a restaurant and people there were able to pull her inside to safety.

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