5 things to know about breaking up with summer

- You fought to hold on.

Even though some days were unbearable…you managed.

But with each passing day it becomes more and more clear.

Summer is going away.

You're confused. Rattled. You can't believe what's happening.

But you're not alone. It will be okay. And with time…you will move on and love another season again.

Letting go is hard. Here are 5 things to know about breaking up with summer. Some might feel them all at once…others, one at a time.

Searching for Answers:

What? It’s almost the end of September? Are you sure that calendar is right? Wasn't it just Memorial Day? You’ll spend hours trying to make sense of it all.


This isn't happening! It's like 85 degrees outside! Somebody turn on the A/C – it’s summertime for crying out loud! I’m not taking my flip-flops off! Unrealistic hope is often part of the process.


Okay…let's take that trip to beach we’ve been putting off! It’s not too late. We’ll drive with the windows down all the way. We'll fix everything.


Oh yeah! Go then! I don’t need you anyway. I prefer the cold – there, I said it! I'VE ALWAYS LIKED WINTER BETTER THAN YOU! I'm sorry. No, I'm not sorry! I deserve better! Misdirected anger often enters and replaces fear.

Acceptance & Hope:

I’ll be okay without you. I know that now. Summer turns to Fall. Fall to winter. Winter to spring. Then summer again. Try to remember the good times and look ahead to what's next!

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