What does your handwriting say about you?

- Are you introverted, extroverted, logical, emotional, reserved? The answer may be in your handwriting!

Handwriting analyst, Sherri LaReaux, joined us on National Handwriting Day to examine the script of FOX 5's Allison Seymour, Holly Morris, Wisdom Martin and Steve Chenevey!

Here's the breakdown:


While Sherri spotted signs of an introvert when looking at Steve's handwriting sample - she also saw patterns of an ambivert, a person who displays both extrovert and introvert features. She says the extroverted side of Steve shows itself during his job as a news anchor and his introverted side could come out when he recharges in private.


Don't come too close too soon! Allison's large style of handwriting signals an extroverted personality but the spaces she leaves between her words could mean she still wants to keep her privacy. Her straight lines denote a logical personality as they start and end strong!


She likes her stuff and feels comfortable with it cushioning her, Sherri said about Holly's handwriting sample. Sherri says she also finds ambivert qualities in her signature which could mean she has a high-profile job but prefers privacy at home.


Logic and big dreams! Sherri says Wisdom is very critical of himself and will admit it. Circles in place of periods indicate that he always wants to make an entrance.

Sherri says what your handwriting says about you can change depending on where you are in the moment. She says that her analysis gives us a brain-print - an actual sense of where you are at the very moment.

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