Transcript of 911 call that led to restraining of UDC student by police released

- The city has released a transcript of a 911 call that initiated a police response to a D.C. bank and an aggressive detainment of two teenagers last week. The incident has led to allegations of police brutality by D.C. police.

Some of the incident was captured on cellphone video.

Last Monday evening, Jason Goolsby, an 18-year-old freshman student at the University of the District of Columbia, and his friends were standing outside a bank in Eastern Market.

FOX 5 has learned a white woman called 911 and said the three teenagers made her feel uncomfortable.

Police responded to the area and Goolsby said a squad car nearly hit him. Because of that, Goolsby said as an instinct, he ran.

Many people, including Goolsby's lawyer, believe the video depicts overly excessive use of force by the officers.

Goolsby said they were going to use the ATM, but decided against it, held a door open for someone with a baby stroller and then started to walk away when police responded.

Here is the full transcribed 911 call:

911 operator: “DC 911 What is your emergency?”

Caller: “Hi yes umm I want to report that there are 3 umm teenagers in the Citibank on Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh...that are waiting at the door to let people in, but aren’t doing anything inside of the bank. Uh we just left but we felt like if we had taken money out we might’ve gotten robbed. Umm so...”

911 operator: “For verification, repeat that location for me.”

Caller: “It’s uh, Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street...I’m sorry Sixth Street. Pennsylvania and 6th; Citibank on Pennsylvania and 6th South. (inaudible)”

911 operator: “You said it’s three of them?”

Caller: “There is three, yeah three adolescences hanging out inside of the ATM section of the bank.”

911 operator: “Okay, we’ll have the police respond out. Were you able to get a description of any of them?”

Caller: “Uhh, three umm African American boys with uhh like flat-top haircuts. One was about 5’7”; one was about 5’11.” One had metal work in his teeth, umm all three had backpacks.”

911 operator: “And did you want to leave your name and number?”

Caller: “Sure, it’s ***********.”

911 operator: “Your phone number?”

Caller: “***-***-****”

911 operator: “Ok, we’ll have the police to respond out to check them out.”

Caller: “Ok, thank you. And I have to reiterate the only issue that really made it standout was that they were just...they weren’t doing anything in the bank and as soon as we left they stayed. So, umm that was suspicious.”

911 operator: “No problem, we’re just going to check them out.”

Caller: “Alright, thank you.”

911 operator: “You’re welcome.”

Caller: “Bye bye.”

Peter Grenier, the attorney for the 18-year-old student, told FOX 5, "If you look at the transcript of the 911 call, there was absolutely no probable cause to believe that a crime had occurred or even that a crime was about to occur. Absolutely nothing.

“They didn’t make any gestures towards her. They didn’t wield a weapon. They didn’t say anything. They didn’t do anything. They were literally just there and that’s not a crime – to just be there."

City officials said the police response is being reviewed to make sure all policies were followed properly.

Kevin Donahue, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, said in a statement:

“The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is conducting a review of last Monday’s unfortunate incident to ensure that all procedures were followed. Additionally, Mr. Goolsby and Mr. Brown can choose to file a complaint, which will result in an independent review. Mayor Bowser is committed to a fair and thorough review of last Monday’s incident.

“Since coming into office, Mayor Bowser has championed policies that improve police-community relations. In addition to undertaking community engagement on policing like the #IwishUknew youth forum, the Mayor provided funding so that all 2,800 officers who regularly interact with the public will be equipped with a body camera. If the officers involved here had been wearing body cameras, a recording of the entire incident - from the moment the call came in, to the end of the incident - would be available to those involved, and ultimately to the public. The program has not moved forward because the Council has not finalized rules. The Administration urges Council to pass rules so cameras can be deployed as soon as possible."

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