D.C. Police investigate claims officers hit child's bike and left scene


D.C. Police have launched an internal investigation into claims that officers hit a child's bike with their car and drove off.

 The incident took place in an ally in the Park View neighborhood near Otis Place and Georgia Avenue. 

Jayvoun Brown, 11, tells FOX 5 he was out riding Thursday when police approached him. 

 "I was riding my bike, police thought I had a gun, started chasing me," Jayvoun said.

 He says he tried to get away and cut down the ally.

 "I stop my brakes then the police came real fast and hit me in the back of my bike," he said. "When they hit me, they just got back in the car and rolled off."

 Several neighbors saw at least some of what happened.

 Patricia Burnett says she saw the squad car follow Jayvoun into the ally.

 "The way they were speeding, you'd think they was catching a robber or something," Burnett said. "It was a kid on a bike. He had a little firework and it was a legal firework."

 She says she couldn't see if the car hit the bike, but heard a loud thud.

 "So I myself ran through the alley, through the back way, and saw the police jump back in the car with a little boy just laying there," she said.

 "He was scared," said another neighbor Diane Jones. "He didn't want to give us his name, he didn't want to tell us where he lived."

 They say Jayvoun's leg was bleeding and the back wheel of his bike had a major dent and was unrideable. The women and other neighbors helped Jayvoun and contacted another officer who was at a nearby rec center.

 "It was to the point my son was frightened to get into the ambulance," said Jayvoun's mother, Portreona Brown.

 D.C. Police provided FOX 5 a statement saying they are investigating.

 "While we are glad the juvenile was not seriously injured in this incident, we are taking these allegations involving one of our officers extremely seriously," the statement reads in part. "MPD's Internal Affairs Bureau is conducting a full investigation to determine exactly what happened and whether proper procedures were followed."

 FOX 5 asked police why officers approached Jayvoun initially and whether body cameras were rolling. No responses have been provided yet.

 Jayvoun describes his feelings simply, telling FOX 5 he's mad.

 "My mother spent a lot of money for that bike," he said.

 His mother and neighbors are still struggling to make sense of what went on 

 "It's not safe to me as a mom," Brown said.

 "It was sad," said Burnett said. "That was a child, that was somebody's child. You're an officer of the law."

 This story was first reported by the Washington Post.

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