DC bakery owner: Police lacking urgency investigating robberies at store

A D.C. bakery owner is frustrated with police for lack of urgency in investigating two robberies that has occurred at his shop.

Bread Furst owner Mike Furstenberg finally met with police on Monday - two weeks after the most recent robbery occurred and two months after the first one.

Furstenberg claims because his business is in a low crime neighborhood and it is a bakery, police were in no rush to investigate the crimes.

But that has changed in the last 24 hours with no explanation as to why.

Furstenberg said in both incidents, the robbers came in through the back door, went to the office and demanded money from the safe. He also said it was likely an inside job because until now, customers were likely unaware this area existed.

Since the two robberies, the owner has enhanced the bakery's surveillance system and made several additional security updates.

FOX 5 has emailed D.C. police about their investigation of these robberies and are awaiting a response.