Your Invisible Boyfriend (or Girlfriend) can be all yours -- for just $25

Do you ever wish there was "someone" to make all those annoying questions from your nosy loving family and friends about your love life go away? Matt Homann did-- and his fix can be your fix.

Homann says he got divorced a few years ago, and he got lots of questions about whether or not he was dating. Enter Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend.

Homann, the company's co-founder, bought both domains, but didn't do anything with them until recently. His start up went public last week-- and he told us on Good Day DC, it's taken off! Wait-- you mean people are desperate for the questions to END??? (not that we know anyone…)

Next question-- because we can read your mind: How much is it, and how the heck can you sign up? And yes, that's two questions.

Well for starters, log on to Invisible Boyfriend or Invisible Girlfriend, whichever your preference. You create an account, pick a picture of your "someone special," and they'll create a fabulous relationship story even your overly-inquisitive aunt will believe.  

You'll get a text message, voicemail, and handwritten notes from your "someone special"-- all for just $24.99. That's cheaper than dinner and a movie. Homann says the option to have flowers and gifts sent to your office are also on the horizon. Is this real life?

No, it's not, and that's sort of the point. Then why is this the perfect solution to your relationship-less predicament? Well, Homann says lots of what relationships are these days happens on your phone or your social media accounts (which he warns about-- watch the video above), and other people are watching your relationship happen. Invisible GF/BF makes your loved ones happy by letting them THINK something good is happening for you, while you don't have to deal with actual relationship long term. If you ask Homann, everybody wins.  It's not meant to be used to make your friends think you're serious with someone-- but it does show those who know you that you're dating.

But wait, there's more: You see, Invisible GF/BF works both ways. You can submit your selfie, and apply to BE an invisible relationship partner for someone else! The company will still do all the work, but if you get picked, you get a shirt saying you're someone's invisible girlfriend or boyfriend. They'll even get your zip code and use it to make sure no one near you uses your photo. After you submit your selfie, they'll do all the rest. No one will know—as long as you don't tell people and/or wear that shirt in public.

But if lots of people are helping out with the process of creating the stories and writing you little love messages, how do they keep it straight? Homann says they keep all their employees in the loop with your "story"-- so they're sure not to get you into a tough situation with your friends and fam.

So is anyone REALLY using it? Well, they launched a week ago to the public, and Homann says nearly 30,000 (NOT A TYPO) people have created accounts in just five days. So far, it's about 50/50 in terms of which site (Invisible Girlfriend or Invisible Boyfriend) is getting the most traction, though he admits Invisible Boyfriend is getting more media attention.

Hmmm. Wonder why???

And for all you skeptics (we know you're out there), Homann says they're also thinking about what happens when it DOESN'T work out-- which, in this case, is inevitable. He says they're already thinking about creating a break-up button, and maybe even arranging to have your "belongings" sent to your office-- hopefully all in one piece.

In case you need to share with a friend (wink, wink), find them here:
Invisible Boyfriend
Invisible Girlfriend


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