Yes, there's more: 5 things you need to know about Thursday morning's snow

Another day, another round of winter (it's still winter, FYI). More snow will fall across parts of the D.C. region on Thursday morning, and while this one won't take your breath away accumulations-wise, it might make you late for work or school.

But this time, there's good news (if you like temps above freezing) at the end-- we promise.

Here are five things you need to know about Thursday morning's snow, straight from FOX 5 Weather's own Mike Thomas:

1. The timing couldn't be worse.
This is yet another storm where snow amounts WILL NOT BE HISTORIC, but your morning commute COULD still be compromised.  The past two weeks have been brutal, with high temperatures averaging 14° colder than they typically are this time of year. Morning temperatures have been in the teens 11 of the past 14 days (WHAT?), and they're expected to fall into the 20s by the time the snow starts up tomorrow.

This means once again, snow will stick quickly, and those roads could be slick. Models have the snow starting between 2-4 a.m., setting the stage for yet another messy commute (le sigh...).

Plan on giving yourself some extra time to get where you need to be, and parents (oh students.....), pay attention to #2...

2. #FOX5SnowDay?
Timing is going to make it a very difficult call for area schools. Undoubtedly though, some school districts around the region will decide to delay or close with the snow likely peaking for D.C. right around the time most kids would be heading out to the bus stop. These will be more likely south and east of the District, where the potential for higher snowfall amounts exists.

BUT-- we all know how quick counties around the region are to close once the snow starts to fall, so you'll want to tune in to FOX 5 News Morning starting EARLY at 4:00 a.m. for the latest.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FULL LIST OF ANY CLOSINGS/DELAYS AS THEY COME IN.

3. Snow amounts are unlikely to impress.
This will be far from the storm of the century, and most spots won't get anything close to the totals we saw last Saturday. The exception to this will be extreme southeast Maryland, northeastern portions of Virginia, and the Eastern Shore, which could see some heavier bands of snow that drop several inches. 

Models indicate that around the Beltway, folks could end up with anywhere between a 1 and 3" of snow. The rule for tomorrow is the farther north and west you go the less, the more likely you are to see more significant accumulations, with the higher totals coming the farther south and east. In those spots, 3-5" plus is not out of the question.

As always, these totals are subject to change, so make sure you stay tuned to the latest from the FOX 5 weather team. Again, we'll stress that it's not so much how much snow is coming, but WHEN the snow is coming that will bring the issues tomorrow.

4. It'll be short and sweet.
If you need more information as to WHY #3, here you go. The main reason that amounts are unlikely to impress is the speed with which the storm will move through. Snow should start a couple hours before sunrise tomorrow, but also be wrapping up before the morning is over. This will be very different from Saturday, where the snow continued moderately for SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS (and you were trapped on the roads for three of them, but that's another story you probably still remember well).

Tomorrow's snow will be of the lighter variety, and should be well out of the region by lunchtime. The evening commute tomorrow should be much smoother than the morning commute (phew!).

5. If I hear "arctic outbreak" ONE MORE TIME...
For the second year in a row, February has been brutal (I blame the Snow Moon). These brutally cold weather patterns can't sustain themselves forever, though, and the good news (YES THERE IS GOOD NEWS) is that warmer weather (or at least not as cold…?) may be right around the corner (!!!!!!).

Longer range models are showing temperatures much closer to seasonal (translation=more 50s!) as we get into the first week of March. While we do not see any hope of 70s yet on the horizon, the hope is there that we can put mornings in the single digits and afternoons in the 20s behind us--at least until next winter.

Only 23 days remain until spring. Think warm thoughts!
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