What colors are in this dress-- really?

On a day when llamas won the internet, this shouldn't surprise you. A photo of a dress posted on Tumblr is causing a crazy debate that has taken the internet by storm. No, really.

The pic seems simple enough. Posted by Tumblr user Swiked, it show s a dress-- which appears to change colors from person to person. Some say it's blue and black. Others swear it's white and gold.

So what is happening here? A tweet by @andyrexford MIGHT be an explanation as to what's happening. His tweet reads in part:

"Your eyes have retina, the things that let you interpret color. There's rods, round things, and cones that stick out, which is what gives your eye a textured appearance in the colored part. The "cones" see color. The "rods" see shade, like black, and white and gray. Cones only work when enough light passes through."

On Twitter, @BradtheLadLong tweeted taking credit for the "experiment, "Thank you all for taking part in my 'white and gold' 'black and blue' dress experiment," and a further explanation.

WHAT IS IT REALLY? Tweet us @fox5newsdc, or vote in our poll at the right and tell us what you see.

Click here to read the whole post on Tumblr.

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