How to be lucky on Friday the 13th 2016

A change in perspective can turn the most ominous unluckiest days, like Friday the 13th, into a lucky one.
If you’re suffering from friggatriskaidekaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th, then you’re probably hiding out from black cats and carrying a rabbit’s foot.

What if we told you that today could actually be one of your luckiest days yet? While there is no forcing luck, your perspective and a good attitude can easily turn the tables around to invite good fortune.

Here are five things you can do to make Friday the 13th one of your luckiest days of all. 

Good Superstitions: Yes it does exist! By believing in the power of luck, in this case good superstitions, you manifest it into existence. Find a four-leaf clover to ward off bad juju. Wear red as a symbol of strength and power. Find a penny pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck! Break an uncolored clear glass to take on any ill fortune in your place.

Think Positive: Don't be a negative Nancy, if you believe in bad luck then you will bring upon bad luck. Instead, try embracing good thoughts and expecting good outcomes. After all, it is Friday, you’re celebrating the weekend, and that should automatically make you feel lucky!

Be Courageous: Don’t be scared to strike out. Instead, live up to the saying “fortune always favors the brave." Step out from your den and go on an adventure! Remember, your mother’s back won’t break if you step on a crack.

Force Lady Luck’s Hand: Defy the odds, do the opposite of what superstitions tell you not to do! Apply for that dream job you have been wanting. Make plans to go on a last minute trip. All these things evoke excitement and much needed fun that having “bad luck” does not dare cross your mind.

Be Thankful: Take some time to remember all the people, opportunities, and blessings in your life. By doing so, you will quickly be reminded of how lucky you truly are!

Feeling lucky yet? We sure hope so! If you have any other tricks to help make today a winning day, and any other day really, message us your best practices on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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