Pay It Forward: Couple who found love helping people overcome homelessness

Against all odds, the couple you are about to meet found each other and fell in love. But what may be even more inspirational is they also found a higher calling to help those overcome the same struggles they once faced. They are the epitome of "paying it forward."

An overcrowded place of desperation. That is how most would describe a homeless shelter -- a place most think they will never need.

“When I got out of the service, it was a rough time for me, so I ended up in a homeless shelter,” said Deven.

“There were too many not so good months, and so I had to close my business,” said Ressurrection. “As a result, my home went into foreclosure and myself and my child ended up homeless.”

And while life circumstances landed Ressurrection and Deven in a shelter, fate led them to each other.

“For me, it was magical,” said Deven. “It was a spiritual moment for me and I had to at least say hi.”

“He asked me if I knew how to do resumes,” said Ressurrection. “I told him yes, so I offered to do his resume and that's how he got me to talk.”

And that is how it all began. The start of their love and of their journey out.

It took time, but they overcame their situation, and on August 28, 2013, two years to the date of when they started talking, Ressurrection and Deven got married.

And while they took their vows at the Jefferson Memorial, across the tidal basin, another significant event was taking place: the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

It was the real reason they selected the date and why the theme of their wedding was "I had a dream, and it came true.”

“As I'm walking down the aisle to go to where we’re going to stand and take our vows, I started hearing ‘Total Praise,’” Ressurrection said.

“That echo just kind of rippled across the water over to us at the Jefferson,” Ressurrection continued. “I just had to stop for a moment and take that in.”

After saying their “I do’s,” the couple then went and did something pretty remarkable.

“Our guests brought sandwiches and brought water and made their own little baggies,” Ressurrection said.

And in lieu of a wedding reception, they all went to two D.C. parks and fed the homeless.

“It was really awesome,” she said. “They had me twirling around. The homeless guys, they were really excited and they sort of blessed us.”

But Deven and Ressurrection's generosity and compassion doesn't end there. This couple pays it forward daily.

Ressurrection speaks for the National Coalition for the Homeless helping to dispel the myths of homelessness.

"97 percent of homeless mothers have experienced child sexual abuse and/or rape,” Ressurrection said.

She also trains volunteers on how to do outreach for the homeless.

And then there is Glory Soldiers Global, an organization she and Deven started to help people overcome homelessness.

Donations fill their home for those who don't have one.

Glory Soldiers Global also has programs and classes all geared toward being healed, being housed and being whole.

“It's an indescribable, unexplainable feeling I get from helping people,” said Deven.

“We are the light of the world of the world, literally,” said Ressurrection. “I think it’s inspiring for us to be able to share that with our clients too. To say, ‘Hey, you know what? You might be going through something now, but you have the light of the world on the inside of you.”

Glory Soldiers Global does so much for the homeless in so many different ways that we can't cover it all. But it is sustained totally by donations, and when those fall short, it comes out of Ressurrection and Deven's pocket.

So if you would like to help, go to

And it is important to remember that Ressurrection and Deven don't do any of this to be noticed or rewarded and that is why we chose to celebrate them.

If you know someone who is paying it forward and deserves to be honored, let us know!

FOX 5 and Eastern Automotive Group are teaming up in this effort. Nominate that special person on our “Pay It Forward” website and we may do a story on them too.



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