Whole body cryotherapy‬, a cool treatment that swears to alleviate pain and help with weight loss

Freeze away your aches and pains with the latest therapeutic treatment that celebrities and athletes swear by. Whole body cryotherapy is said to soothe aching muscles and shed pounds.
Envision stepping into a cylindrical upright tanning bed, but instead of feeling heat you experience bone chilling temperatures that reach negative 240 degrees. It’s like a trendy ice bath-- sans ice and bath!
You might be thinking it sounds like torture. On the contrary, cryotherapy advocates claim the treatment will leave you invigorated.  It’s also said to help with migraines, depression, arthritis, and sleep problems. If that’s not enough, a three minute session is said to burn up to 800 calories-- interested yet?
People in New York are lining up for daily sessions. Its popularity has escalated to the point that cities nationwide are seeing whole body cryotherapy studios pop up everywhere.
Laura Evans set out to Thrive CyroStudio, located in Rockville, to give the cool therapy a try. Brandon Yu, owner of the studio, helped guide Laura through the chilling experience.  
Brandon, a cryotherapy advocate, quit his corporate job to open Thrive CryoStudio after experiencing the incredible benefits for himself.  
Laura Evans stepped into the chamber wearing only a pair of gloves, slippers, and socks. It was quickly filled by extreme cold vapor, and temperatures began to drop. 
The first minute was easy, Laura claimed she was ok. By the time the second minute hit she began to experience “cryo temperature," negative 241 degrees to be exact.
“It’s pulling all the blood from your peripheries into your internal organs to protect you from hypothermia,” said Brandon with a minute and half to go. ”As the blood is circulating through your heart, kidneys, and liver it’s being increased with oxygen enzymes, and nutrients for that three minute time period.” 
Once Laura stepped out she felt the blood rush back to her limbs. The enriched blood is said to help benefit and attack inflammation, speed up recovery, and reduce aches and pains. 
However, the FDA claims none of the above statements have been proven. The devices have not been cleared by the agency in support of the claims. 
So what happens in the body during cryotherapy? 
FDA scientific reviewer Dr. Anna Ghambaryan states, “We simply don’t know at the time. There’s insufficient publicly available information to help us answer these questions.” 
To Brandon Yu that’s good news. It means that the FDA is actually researching and discussing the benefit of cryotherapy.  
The FDA warns there are risks like frostbite, and asphyxiation when nitrogen vapors reduce amount of oxygen in an enclosed room.  Also, if you have a heart condition or are pregnant these treatments are not for you!
If you’re interested in these trendy ice bath treatments the FDA urges the public to talk with their doctors first. 
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