Spring cleaning tips and myths

- Spring has sprung and if you want to freshen up the house, Fox Consumer guru Steve Noviello debunks some myths and offers up tips to get your cleaning done right.

Q: Can newsprint be used to clean glass and mirrors?

A: Newsprint is super absorbent and leaves no streaks, unlike paper towels, there's no lint in newsprint you don't get any of that lint left behind.

Q: Is bleach the ultimate cleaner?

A: No. Steve says bleach is the ultimate disinfectant. When it comes to things like killing bacteria or removing tough stains, bleach is your best friend. But  it's not actually going to clean a surface, so you'll want to use a household cleaner as well.

Q: When it comes to removing pet hair from upholstery, do you grab the vacuum or do you grab the shower squeegee?

A: Steve recommends the shower squeegee. "It's not going to suck up the pet hair from the upholstery --  the rubber helps to release the pet hair from the upholstery, that way you can ball it all up and then come follow with the vacuum and get it going."

Q: Do walnuts work to cover a scratch in wood floor or wood furniture?

A: You do but you want to make sure that you grab the inside. It's actually the meat of the walnut that if you rub it on a scratch, it will release oil and actually help to repair the wood. Top it off with wood polish you'll never even know it was there

Q: Using citrus peels in the garbage disposal?

A: Steve says it actually doesn't work. While citrus will mask the odor for awhile, but if it doesn't get ground ground all the way, the peels will contribute to the foul smell in your garbage disposal. "What I want you to do, is get a couple of teaspoons of white vinegar, pop them in there and you're good to go," said Steve.

Q: Rearranging the furniture for spring cleaning? How do you get rid of those dents in the carpet from where other furniture has been sitting?

A: Ice cubes. Grab an ice cube and put right in the department. The cold ice will melt and the fibers of your carpet will absorb the cold water and actually fluff themselves back up. "Usually what do we try and ground it out with your hand and get them all to stand back up what you're doing is damaging the fiber and making the dent even more permanent.

Q: Is it safe to mix another cleaner in with bleach?

A: Bleach can be very toxic and harmful especial physical it's mixed with other things and could cause a reaction there. Steve recommends using a household cleaner like normal on surfaces and make sure its wiped off before disinfecting with bleach.

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