Md. woman fights back after vandal rips down flagpole flying Trump flag

- When vandals struck Linda Dement's home in Calvert County, they may have messed with the wrong person.

Dement voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but this year, she is voting for Donald Trump. She decided she was going to exercise her First Amendment right on her own front lawn. After putting a Trump flag up on her flagpole, someone vandalized her property last month and tore down her flagpole and her flag.

“It was Labor Day weekend and I got a call from the commissioner asking me if everything was okay and he told me my flagpole was missing,” she said.

But Dement said she was not going to be intimidated by the vandals. A general contractor herself, she went out to the local hardware store, purchased an even taller flagpole and put it in the ground with hundreds of pounds of concrete.

“I decided I’m going to fight back,” she said. “I deserve my First Amendment right and I did bigger and better. I protected myself – lights, action, camera. The next time, they will be caught.”

Her new display is complete with an American flag, a police flag and a new Trump flag is flying high above her front yard.

“I think it's wrong,” Dement said. “I'm a contractor. I work hard for my money. They took almost $500 worth of items. This [new flagpole], I've spend far more, but it's the principle and I'm going to keep putting it up. It doesn't matter. I'm going to fight for my rights. We love our police department down here. I love America and I definitely love Trump.”

And in case anyone misses the message, she has carved into her front grass the words "Trump 2016" and covered it in glow-in-the-dark paint.

Dement said she has received so much support from her neighbors that there is even a $500 reward for information about who ruined her Trump display.

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