Hiker who fell 75 feet at Sugarloaf Mountain thankful after helicopter rescue

- On Monday, a 26-year-old man hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain in Frederick was hoisted to safety in an amazing rescue that was all caught on video.

"Even seeing the video of me coming up, where we were doesn't even look familiar to me,” said Mack Burton.

"It's by far one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in my life and I hope to God I never see that again,” said Burton’s sister, Felicia Chandler.

Burton and Chandler were with a small group of friends hiking up the mountain, but their hike quickly turned to horror.

“There was a certain kind of rock we had to climb over that had some trees around it, and I guess I'd gotten up on top of it to go over it and then I lost footing or something and just fell backwards,” Burton described. "I could have hit a pointy rock. I could have busted my head open. I could've broken ribs, back, spine, anything."

There were no broken bones, but he said his “whole body feels like it got hit by a train." Burton believes he hit his head. Adding to the emergency, he had a seizure.

"I bit my tongue during the seizure to the point where it's got like a good lash on the side of it,” he said.

Burton is taking medication and meeting with a neurologist.

"There are no words to describe seeing a loved one, someone that you're so close to, who you speak to near every day just seizing on the side of a mountain,” said Chandler.

Burton has a message to the people who saved him -- fire and rescue teams from Frederick and Montgomery counties as well as Maryland State Police and others.

"I couldn't thank these people enough because if they didn't get there in time, who is to say I didn't have another seizure and go worse,” he said. "I praise the Lord for them."

Will he go hiking again?

"No, probably not,” said Burton. “I mean, maybe if I got some correct shoes or something. But I would say if I did go hiking on that trail, I would probably take the only trail that was walking around. I don’t think I’d climb up the rocks again."

Burton said his doctor told him his head and chest appear to be fine, but since he is still in pain, he is taking off work for a few days.

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