Crews clearing 61,000+ tons of snow from the National Mall

If you think YOU have a lot of snow to get rid of, think about this:  crews with the National Park Service are still busy trying to clear snow from the National Mall. When you take all of what accumulated on the memorials, roads, parking lots and sidewalks, 8.25 million cubic feet. 
That’s one big shovel. 
It’s also enough to fill the Washington Monument with snow 18.4 times, and the weight of all that white stuff is 1.6 times heavier than the entire Lincoln Memorial. 
Crews also have to be very careful to make sure they don’t damage the monuments and memorials during the snow removal. 
Here’s a look at the numbers from NPS’ “Math Rangers,” based on a snowfall of 20″:
Sidewalks - 55 miles at an average of 5 feet wide = 2.42 million cubic feet of snow
Roads - 47 lane miles = 3.73 million cubic feet of snow
Memorial plazas and steps - 600,000 square feet = 1.0 million cubic feet of snow
Parking lots - 15 acres = 1.1 million cubic feet of snow
By weight, assuming 15 pounds per cubic foot of settled snow was handled, that equates to 123,750,000 pounds (61,875 tons) of snow.
And to put it all in perspective, in the Greater Washington Area alone, the National Park Service manages 700 parks, which range in size from neighborhood national parks on Capitol Hill and in Anacostia to parks like Prince William Forest Park and Catoctin Mountain Park farther outside of D.C. They include stables, greenhouses, marinas, golf courses, tennis courts, and treasured monuments and memorials. In all, National Park Service crews are working to clear and treat nearly 300 miles of roads, 155 bridges, and more than 100 miles of sidewalks. 
And now, get back to shoveling your block!
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