Is your body language costing you the job?

- You may have an amazing resume. But your body language could cost you that new job.

According to a survey of hiring managers by OfficeTeam, nearly one out of three job applicants show negative body language during interviews. On a scale of one to five, they ranked the things that give them a negative impression of job seekers. The top two? Lack of eye contact and odd facial expressions!

So what should you do to make a great impression and land that job?

1. Go for a firm handshake - but not a bone-crusher.

2. Subtly mirror the interviewer's body language and posture. Don't just sit up straight - but also lean forward slightly. It gives the impression you're engaged in the conversation.

3. A genuine smile goes a long way! Conduct a mock interview with a friend beforehand.

4. Good eye contact is key - but don't stare at the interviewer. Glance away occasionally.

5. Be aware of your nervous habits - like tapping a pen or clearing your throat. Also, if you're an arm-waver - try to keep it under control without crossing your arms. Crossed arms can come across as defensive.


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