Five things to know about DC's biggest snow of the season (so far)

If you've spent the winter wishing for white stuff-- like, real quantities of it-- well, your time has come. The D.C. region is in for its first decent helping of snow this season, but this storm doesn't look like all the rest.

Here are the five things you definitely need to know about this round of winter weather, courtesy of the FOX 5 Weather Team:

1. This is our most significant snow of the season-- so far.
Up to now, it's been hit or miss on snow this season, and nothing we've had has been particularly huge. If you're looking for snow, this is the biggest dose we've had yet this year. It'll be all snow-- no mix or freezing rain or sleet or any other funny business. Just straight up white stuff-- the fluffy kind (See also: #3). And it will fall overnight, so by the time the sun comes up on Tuesday, we'll know what we've got.

2. Totals will be higher south of D.C.
Unlike most storms we see, snow totals won't be higher to the north and west this time around. Instead, it's the south that will hit the snowy jackpot... but where exactly that jackpot spot will fall remains a bit of a mystery. Lower southern Maryland and central Virginia may be the lucky ones to get some of the highest totals this time around, as opposed to areas north and west of the city, which will likely see numbers on the lower end. What's still in question is exactly how far north that heavy snow band will extend.

3. It won't take long to make a mess.
It's been REALLY cold (no, you don't say?!) for many days now, and that means what falls will stick, and stick fast. it won't take long for snow to start accumulating on the roads, and since the ground is so, so, so cold already, any treatment on the roads won't hold off the accumulation for long. Monday night's commute was not be pretty for a lot of drivers in our area. As for Tuesday morning's commute? Unless you live to the north and west as we mentioned in #2-- fugetaboutit. Not. Gonna. Happen (at least it really doesn't look that way).


4. Can you say fluffy?
What falls this time won't be wet, packing snow. It'll be fluffy and light-- powdery, if you will. That also means it will stick quickly on everything. And as much as we hate to be the bearers of this bit of bad news, there will be no snowman-making this time around. But feel free to sled away... with one bit of caution... (also known as #5)...

5.Temps will still be below freezing for Tuesday.
All you sledders and snowball-fighters, pay attention: It's going to be cold. Not your average D.C. snowstorm cold, but REALLY, REALLY COLD. If your little ones (kids of all ages, mind you) are playing outside-- bundle them up before they go out for what will probably be a #fox5snowday for many places.

Remember, this winter has plenty more punch left. Another arctic front will push through the region Wednesday night, possibly bringing more snow squalls and light accumulations along with it. Behind this front, winds will once again get very gusty and temperatures will plummet back into the single digits for many by Thursday morning. The cold will hang around through Friday, before the weather team is carefully watching the possibility for more winter weather as we head into the weekend.

Don't worry... just bundle up, and we'll keep you posted. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LIVE WINTER STORM BLOG!

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