Car smashes into Md. home for the fifth time


A Maryland man spent Wednesday boarding up part of his home after a car crashed into it, but it's not the first time. In fact, this marks the fifth time a car has hit his house since he moved in 45 years ago.

Plywood now covers a large hole left behind by Wednesday’s accident, and the columns had to be replaced from the crash before that one. Each time it happens, the elderly man who lives at the home is left picking up the pieces.

Early Wednesday morning, 88-year-old Leonard Miller was startled out of his sleep from a real-life reoccurring nightmare.

"When he crashed into the wall, I said, ‘Damn, another car hit my house!'"

As he slept on the couch in his basement, a car came barreling through the nearby wall around 2 am, breaking through the brick and two windows.

Miller’s home sits in the 6600 block of Cipriani Road in the Lanham-Seabrook area, where the speed limit is posted at 30 mph. Miller says since moving into the house back in 1971, there have been at least five times that speeding cars have come over the hill, lost control around the corner and jumped his curb.

The accidents usually happen at night, Miller said. Each time, it has left him constantly having to keep up with repairs around his property. But he fears without more protection, he and his house won’t be so lucky next time.

The county says in order for them to do anything about the intersection, they would have to receive a formal request by email or through their 311 system. Then, they would determine if the area qualifies for a traffic study.

The driver in Wednesday morning's crash is expected to be ok. 

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