'Back to The Future Part II' Predictions: What did the movie get right, wrong about 2015

'Back to The Future Part II' was packed with predictions for the year 2015. So what did they predict correctly and what fell short?

VIDEO PHONES: Download an app and you can use this 'Back to The Future Part II' tech today! Take a look at Skype, Facetime and Viber to see it in action.

FLAT SCREEN, MULTI SCREEN TVS: Viewing several images at once on slim screened monitors is a reality many use daily.

FINGERPRINT KEY PADS: In ‘Back to The Future Part II,’ fingerprints are used to unlock doors and pay for bills. We’re not quite there yet, but finger pads are used to unlock Smartphones and other electronic devices.

HOVERBOARDS: You don’t see these on the street just yet, but Lexus has revealed a prototype hoverboard that uses magnets to ‘levitate’ like in the film.

SELF LACING SHOES: One of the coolest predictions came when Marty’s Nike High Tops tied themselves! There is a system out there called the Powerlace which uses the users own weight to tighten automatically. Nike is also said to have something in the works.

Some parts of the film missed their mark when trying to predict what kind of technology everyday people would use in 2015.

SMARTPHONES: While wearable devices are seen in the film, no one used a Smartphone – a piece of tech many can’t live without today.

FLYING CARS: Doc's DeLorean is one of the most famous movie cars ever! It can burn up the road, travel through time, and even fly – which, according to the film, is a necessity in the year 2015! While a few concept cars and prototypes are out there, this prediction hasn’t come to be.

TIME TRAVEL: Nothing in the foreseeable future will allow us to travel through time at will…unfortunately.

No matter what 'Back to The Future Part II' envisioned correctly or came up short on, the classic lives on and has become one of the most famous movies of all time.

And hey – the Cubs are in the playoffs and still have a shot to win the World Series - another 'Back to The Future Part II' prediction!

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