Pay It Forward: Tidal Wave of Kindness

By now, hopefully you are familiar with our Pay It Forward campaign. Well, we are going to show you how you can actually do a little paying it forward yourself.

This is fun because this is a story about someone who is paying it forward by issuing orders of opportunity to all of us to do the same.

On this day, Debbie Cyr has been given a mission.

Week 10: Bringing kids smiles.

"Even on a bad day, when a kid smiles, it can lighten up a room. It has the capacity to cheer up even the most down adult. This week, we are going to try to return the favor they bring us with a little gumball love."

Does she choose to accept it?

"I accept the challenge," said Cyr.

Things that are needed to accomplish this task: cards, quarters, tape. With the supplies at hand, Cyr proceeds to write inspirational kids quotes on the cards.

"I love things for kids. Kids are awesome," she said.

She then tapes a quarter to each one. The goal is to put them on gumball machines for unsuspecting children to discover and then delight in a free piece of candy.

But who issued this mission?

"The answer would be a group of five families," said Seth Mangasarian.

He is the face of the Facebook group Tidal Wave of Kindness.

"Each week we meet and we come up with what the next act of kindness is going to be," Mangasarian said. "We have a rolling list of ideas that we have and we vote on which one we want to do next."

"Imagine how amazing it would be if the same act of kindness occurred in every community across America during the same week," he continued. "How many smiles that could bring across America."

"I think there are a lot of people that want to do good things or they want to help other people, but a lot of times you don't know what can I do or what should I do," Cyr said.

And the smile soldiers are indeed at work. The army of good growing.

"Sometimes I think the smallest acts mean the most to people," said Cyr. "It's just a nice little reminder that there are good people in the world, they do care and it's all about taking care of each other I think.

Cyr would leave her notes and coins taped on the bubble gum machines in the Safeway store at Bailey's Crossroads.

And with that - this Pay It Forward mission is complete!

So here is all you have to do. Go to the "Tidal Wave of Kindness" Facebook page. Like the page and then ask to be a member. Everyone is accepted and then just follow along as missions are issued.

The current mission right now is to buy some microwave popcorn and leave it at a Redbox machine with $1.50, thus buying popcorn and a movie for an unknown friend. Redbox machines can be found outside 7-Elevens or inside Safeway or Giant stores.

And don't forget if you know of someone who is paying it forward -- let us know! You can nominate them on our website. Just click on the Pay It Forward tab on the home page and let us know who they are.

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