After the snow: 5 things you have to know for Wednesday's bitter cold

The snow has come and gone, but the cold? It's just beginning-- and it's going to be BITTER. Now is the time to practice your best layering skills... and pay close attention to the things you need to know for a very cold Wednesday ahead. 

When all was said and done, the D.C. region got a decent amount of snowfall Tuesday. Most spots got 2 to 4 inches, and some places got a little more than that. What fell is still there (because it's freezing), and that means it'll likely plague us again tomorrow morning (if you've already forgotten what that was like, click here for a quick flashback).

In times like these, who else would we turn to for advice? FOX 5 meteorologists Sue Palka and Gary McGrady gave us a look at 5 things to watch out for in the snow's (cold) aftermath:

First the "S" word, and now the dreaded "R" word. Snow + arctic air does not equal MELT. That means what the troubles on the roads probably definitely aren't over yet. In all seriousness, the refreeze on the roads and sidewalks is a major concern, especially where the roads remain untreated and unplowed.

What to do? SLOW DOWN. No, really. If you're getting behind the wheel, be extra careful. Pack your patience. Slow and steady wins the race. Be smart on the roads. And if you're walking, take it easy. Are we clear?

If you like bitter, well, this will be the very best news yet. Like we've been telling you all week, those low 20s and teens are going to stick around awhile, and it will probably be Friday (GASP) before we're above freezing again. That calls for three scarves and at least four sweaters for everyone. Dare we say single digits for Wednesday night? Make that six sweaters. Seriously, post your layering creativity on our FOX 5 DC Facebook page and we might call you out tell the world how crafty you are.

3. W-I-N-D-Y
It'll be a problem. Winds will start ramping up around 10 p.m. Tuesday, and they're likely to stay that way for 24 hours. How windy? We mean gusts approaching 40 mph. Add that to the arctic air we told you about in #2, and it's going to feel like it's 0 degrees outside. Everybody panic (but not really).

What WASN'T closed became the story of Tuesday, and you can look for there to be a big focus on that Wednesday morning, too. Many school districts have already made it clear they will be up early keeping tabs on road conditions, and deciding whether or not delays and closings are necessary. For CONSTANT updates on the latest closings and delays, click RIGHT HERE for a link to our closings page.

Just making sure you're still reading... and we're just kidding. There's DEFINITELY no need to worry about the happiest little giant panda around. She might still be tuckered out from her first time EVER snow day (the photos don't lie).

We'll be looking out for you all morning long on Wednesday, starting at 4:30 a.m. on FOX 5 News Morning. Click here to watch live for the very latest... and be safe out there.

P.S. Only 165 more days until summer!

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