68-year-old woman runs across America, changing lives along the way

If you think you're having a rough day, let Rosie Swale Pope give you a little inspiration. She's running across America—yes, America—and she's changing lives one person at a time as she goes.

FOX 5 caught up with Pope in Purcellville, Va. on Tuesday, where she called her journey "just a little run across America." The 68-year-old is jogging from New York all the way to San Francisco, marching into the hearts of those she meets along the way.

"If you can do something, it's a good day," she told us. "If you can give someone a hand, it's a great day. I'm no something special. I'm not doing very much."

Her quest started a little over 10 years ago, when her husband, Clive, died of cancer. She wanted to do something to make a difference.

"I felt that if I tried to raise cancer awareness just by talking about it, nobody listens to a silly woman like me."

She decided instead that "people live on through the actions of others." Now, she runs about 10 miles a day, and often sleeps in the 9-foot long cart she pulls behind her.  She stops along the way to make speeches that help her earn a little money to keep going.

Pope cherishes the photos of her grandchildren back at home in the United Kingdom. Her own parents died when she was a child, but she says she's lucky because her grandmother told her the world was her family.

She has seen that world, and now, she's in the final stage of her 21,000 mile journey that literally allowed her to circle the globe. She's documented it on her website.

Whatever mountain you have to conquer, rest assured Rosie believes in you—even if she hasn't met you.

"I just believe good is stronger than evil, and hope is stronger than despair," she said.

For her, there is no finish line.

"If your day doesn't work out, make someone else's day."

For more on Rosie, click here for a link to her website.

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