3 projects to do for your dad on Father's Day

By Matthew Cenzon

Don't buy the tie! There's no need for your standard go-to Dad's Day gift this year. Try one of these simple projects as a Father's Day present.

Garage Clean-up

Cleaning the garage is a great home project to do for your dad on Father's Day. While a simple dusting, sweeping and mopping might suffice on a normal day, make the most out of your gift and put in a little extra effort for Father's Day. Here are a couple of ideas to get you going:

Throw out the junk: When everything is piled into one giant mess, it's hard to differentiate what's garbage, and what you actually want to keep. Start sifting through the junk in the garage and throw out anything that looks like garbage. If you're not sure, make sure you ask your dad before throwing something out. One person's junk can be another person's treasure.

Sort and organize: A garage is notorious for gathering clutter. Sort through the contents of the garage, and organize everything by categorizing them and storing them in labeled boxes. Your dad will be surprised with how much garage space he actually has after you've organized the clutter.

Hang everything you can: Installing a pegboard is easy, and is a great way to store all of your dad's tools. Hooks and hangars are also great ways to store larger household items, tools and garden equipment.

Do it in sections: If the task of a garage clean-up seems impossible at first glance, don't panic. Go about cleaning and organizing the garage in sections. Hey, there's a reason why your dad has been putting it off, so don't let the task overwhelm you.

Sweep, clean and mop: Once you've got the garage organized, give it a good once over with a broom, a mop and a wet rag.

Restore the House

This might sound like a project that should be handled by professionals, but it's a lot simpler than you think. Some minor tightening, tweaking and adjustments around the home can save your dad a lot of trouble, and will help make the house feel new. So, grab a couple of screwdrivers, a wrench and some WD-40 and get to work on these particular areas around the house:

Electrical sockets and light switches: these are notorious for coming lose over the years, so tighten them a bit with a screwdriver.

Running toilet: pop open the rear tank and adjust the floatarm or water lever.

Squeaky cabinets and doors: give the hinges a quick spray of WD-40.

Flickering or broken lights: tighten the light bulb, or replace it if it's broken.

Scratches on the walls and doors: a wet rag should be enough to remove minor scratches and scuff marks. Get some matching paint for the deeper scratches.

Dripping or leaky faucet: give the spout or the water pipes a little tightening with your wrench. Make sure you use some masking tape or a rag to protect the sink fixture from scratches.

Stuck windows: grab some lubricant and give the window tracks a good spray, then wipe it down with a rag.

Tangled cords: look for tangled extension cords or any electrical cords and untangle them and keep them untangled with some zip-ties.

These are just a few areas that you can fix yourself for your dad. Make sure you check with him to see if there are any other chores or errands you can help him out with on Father's Day.

Finish Dad's "To Do" List

Most fathers have a long list of things they always need to take care of on the weekend. Why not give your dad a day off from his household responsibilities, and finish his "to do" list for him:

Wash, wax and vacuum the cars.

Cut the grass.

Rake the leaves off the lawn.

Walk and wash the dog.

Clean the windows.

Organize your dad's tool box

Clean and shine Dad's shoes.

Pull the weeds out of the garden.

Clean the gutters.

This is just a small list of the possible things you can do for your dad on Father's Day. Think about other chores and errands your dad typically sets aside for the weekend, and give him some time off by taking care of his responsibilities. If there aren't very many tasks or projects you can do for your dad on Father's Day, then why not spend the entire day with him doing one of his favorite activities. A little company and a smile on his face can be the best Father's Day gift he could ask for.

This article was originally posted on IdealHomeGarden.com

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