Posted: Sep 09, 2015 06:13PM EDT


Planned Parenthood under construction next to school

FOX 5's Shannon Travis reports on why some parents are concerned.

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  • Temps in the lower 80s to 70s Saturday. Humidity will be making a comeback going into the week.

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  • Pup Georgie is a rescue at the DC Humane Rescue Alliance -- who will he pick as World Cup Winner?
  • A Bay Area veterinarian is issuing a warning to pet owners after a dog accidentally died from saltwater poisoning.

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    Dog dies from saltwater poisoning

  • DC Water says one area, affecting 7,000 DC Water customers in the District, are still under a boil water advisory after investigators say one area of 13 tested positive for contamination.

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    DC Water gives update on Boil Water alert in DC

  • FOX 5's Caitlin Roth has your weekend weather forecast update.

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    FOX 5 Weather Forecast: Saturday, July 14

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