• National Margarita Day

    Happy National Margarita Day!

  • THE PANDA HAS LANDED! DC's panda Bao Bao arrives in China

  • Hottest News Anchors? Buzzfeed's list leaves out GoodDayDC!

  • Warmest Presidents Day in nearly a decade as above normal temperatures continue


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Officer fires shots at vehicle after rammed during traffic stop

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  • A police officer is recovering after being rammed by a vehicle during a traffic stop in the District. The incident happened just before 4 a.m. near Talbert Street and Talbert Terrace in Southeast D.C.

    Officer fires shots at vehicle after rammed during traffic stop

  • President Trump is reversing an Obama directive on transgender students. The move could impact school districts around the country as well as a number of legal cases. FOX's Doug Luzader reports.

    Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance

  • An American-born panda started settling into her new home Thursday in southwest China where she will eventually join a breeding program.

    US-born panda Bao Bao settles into new home after landing in China

  • FOX 5's Allison Seymour reports.

    Teacher explores African American history with storytelling quilts

  • FOX 5's Lauren DeMarco reports.

    7 Earth-size worlds found orbiting star; could hold life

  • FOX 5's Tisha Lewis reports.

    Police, community tackle cyberbullying, recruitment of gang members on social media

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Tebow headlines prom for teens with special needs

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  • Apollo 1 memorial service

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  • Eugene Cernan and crewmate Harrison H. 'Jack' Schmitt (NASA photo)

    Remembering legacy of NASA astronaut Gene Cernan

  • President Obama delivers his farewell address to an audience in his adopted hometown of Chicago on Jan. 10, 2017. (Photo: FOX News)

    PHOTOS: President Obama farewell address