Laura's Likes: 3 fascinating solutions to life's awkward moments

They're not things you "like," necessarily. More like discreet fixes for some, um, embarrassing moments.

Yes, this Laura's Likes is a little off the wall— and it's totally okay to laugh. Laura actually giggled like a 4-year-old when she heard about the first one (just don't tell her 4-year-old!).


Hmm… how to put this gently. Know someone who dishes out SBDs?  Cuts the cheese? It's embarrassing, but you might not be able to help it. What's the fix? If you suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort, or know someone who does—you need to become familiar with Subtle Butt.

The company claims their "filters" will neutralize odors and help you avoid the embarrassment that comes with flatulence. They say the patches use "activated carbon technology" to eliminate the bad smell. All you do is stick them in your underwear.

A pack of 5 Subtle Butt disposable filters will run you $12.95. Click here to read all about 'em or order some for your, um, friend.

(Who comes up with this stuff???)


This one is also a patch, but it's for use in a different place. Put them under your arms (as in, in your armpit) to protect your clothing from sweat stains. The disposable discs are 100-percent cotton. They stick right to your clothing under your armpits.

Just peel off the back and apply them to a shirt, sweater, blazer, or whatever. But instead of your clothes soaking up the sweat, the pads do. That means you can avoid permanent stains, constant laundering, and pricey dry cleaning bills.

A 5-pack of Garment Guards will run you $11.95. Find them on


Picture it: You're on your way to a business meeting, or just headed to work and you realize you're wearing a top that—hmmmm, how do we put this—doesn't cover up your girls? If you're going for the more professional look in a pinch, these might be the product for you.

They're simple, inexpensive and super handy. The cleavage concealers come in a set of three pins that allow you to dictate how much or how little you want to show. They're small enough to keep in your purse, so you can have them whenever you need them. Each set comes with pins in black, pearl and iridescent.

For just $5.95, you'll get a set of three. Find them

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