Hoverboard Seller Fakes Safety Certification

Hoverboards were this year's hot Christmas gift. But now they're in the hot seat with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The federal safety group has a strong warning about hoverboards - over fires, falls and faked safety certification. 
Over the last few months, children have been getting injured from falls on hoverboards. In other instances, the boards have caught fire. Both of them in big enough numbers that the CPSC quickly started to look at their safety. 
Let's start with fires. Home video from a Houston Mall where hoverboards were sold at a kiosk captured a hoverboard on fire there over the holidays. In another situation a California home caught fire killing two family dogs. The fire marshal blames a charging hoverboard. And yet another house fire blamed, again, on a hoverboard. But there are injuries from falls, too. The CPSC reported a 35 percent spike in injuries right before the holidays. So here's the latest announcement. It's big news - so listen up.
The government says while its engineers look into the safety of these boards it's asking, 
"large-volume online sellers in particular to stop selling these products until we have more certainty regarding their safety."
And one is already taking that a step further. Amazon. I talked with the folks there who say they're offering refunds to anyone who bought a hoverboard through them. Just go online to the regular returns page, find the order number, grab a return label and send it back. 
The CPSC takes it a step further by saying, "In fact, any such mark is at best misleading and may even be a sign of a counterfeit product."
The CPSC says know that "there are no safety standards for these products" and calls that "unacceptable."  The federal safety group released a list of the hoverboards that are currently under investigation. But, we're told, the scope of the investigation is not limited to those brands. More could be added as this investigation continues.  
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