Study: Summer babies more likely to become healthier adults

A new study has found the season you were born in can actually influence how healthy you end up as an adult.

According to a study out of Cambridge University, babies born in June, July and August are more likely to be heavier at birth, taller as adults and healthier overall.

The study also found that girls born in the summer started puberty later -- a sign of healthier adults.

Babies born in the winter months tend to be lighter at birth, shorter as adults and go through puberty earlier.

Researchers concluded this was because the pregnant mothers were receiving more Vitamin D before the summer babies were born.

It is believed that the environment in the womb leads to differences in early life and therefore the higher Vitamin D exposure in the second trimester could explain the effect.

While the researchers do believe the birth month has an effect on overall health, they do say more work is needed to be done to understand why.

Here are some tips for expecting mothers to get more Vitamin D in the winter:

- Get up early: take advantage of extra morning light

- 15 minutes of sun: take coffee and lunch breaks outdoors

- Diet: fish oils (salmon) or Vitamin D fortified milk

- Vitamin D supplements

- Exercise: boosts natural levels of Vitamin D

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