Device helps coach you to sit up straighter, improve your posture

- It is something that many of us deal with every day – shoulder aches, back pain and even headaches. There are lots of causes, but one factor that contributes a great deal to these ailments is bad posture.

However, there is a high-tech gadget that can help you get the proper posture you need. The Lumo Lift is the size of a lapel pin, but its goal is to get you to sit up straighter and stand taller.

“It’s a little small device that you put right underneath your shirt,” said Dr. Felix Yesquen of the Spine and Joint Institute. “The company states that you will want to wear something a little bit snug so that it stays against your skin so that it can report. It’s Bluetooth-capable.”

We set the Lumo Lift to respond to my poor posture after three seconds. Once it detects your shoulders and back are starting to slouch forward, it vibrates.

“It vibrates just to remind you to bring your shoulders back, bring your head back, get in that proper position,” said Dr. Yesquen.

Lumo operates through an app on your smartphone. It will monitor your daily progress and it serves as an activity tracker too. You can find other posture training devices on the market as well.

Besides a stronger back and core, Dr. Yesquen points out the enormous health benefits of good posture.

“You are not as tired, you are able to focus more, your circulation is improving because you are moving – there is muscle contraction,” he said.

The cost of the Lumo Lift is $99. The battery life for the device is two days before it needs to be recharged. 

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