What triggers can cause people to SNAP?

- It can happen almost every day – things that can make some people go from "zero" to "rage" in a heartbeat.

But what causes some people to "snap."

The author of a new book says there are several triggers that make people spiral into a rage.

Douglas Fields, a neuro-scientist and author of "Why We Snap: Understanding the Rage Circuit in Your Brain."

Here are common triggers – LIFEMORTS- that can initiate an automatic rage response:

LIFE OR DEATH - Almost anyone will defend themselves in what is perceived as a life-or-death attack

INSULT - Insults will easily provoke rage

FAMILY - Protecting family members against attack or threat

ENVIRONMENT - Protecting your own territory or home, which are basic necessities for survival.

MATE - Violence is used to obtain and protect mates

ORDER IN SOCIETY - Rage frequently breaks out in response to a perceived social injustice

RESOURCES - Human beings are intolerant of theft and will react with violence.

TRIBE - Humans, requiring a tight social structure for survival, will fiercely defend their own tribe.

STOPPED - Being restrained, cornered imprisoned, or impeded from liberty of pursing one’s desires will trip the trigger of rage.

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