Top 10 Life Hacks for 2016 from 'Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life'

- Cooper Barrett is that friend you wish you had that has made all the mistakes in life there are to make – and then tells you exactly where he went wrong!

The upcoming FOX series, 'Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life,' follows his's adventures as he and his friends discover ‘life hacks’ that make day-to-day living a little easier for everyone else.

So what’s a 'life hack?' Easy – a life hack is any simple tip or trick that makes your life easier.

Check out this list of 'life hacks' inspired by the new series and see if you can use them to make your 2016 a little bit easier than 2015.


#1. Use dryer sheets to remove deodorant stains from clothes. How many times have you gotten halfway through the workday only to realize you have deodorant stains on your shirt – not any more.

#2. Put dry tea bags inside of your smelly shoes to remove odors. If your winter boots have been working overtime and are probably starting to smell like it – get rid of the smell naturally.

#3. Use a can opener for hard to open plastic packages. You probably got at least one gift during the holiday season that came in one of those plastic packages that are just impossible to open.

#4. Use a fork and a screw to make an impromptu corkscrew. Can't find a corkscrew anywhere…but really want to open a bottle of wine…easy as 1…2…pop!

#5. Use a staple remover to keep your key ring open when you're adding or removing keys. Few things are as frustrating as trying to put a new key on your key ring. Now, open it once and keep it open until you’re done.

#6. Soothe minor burns with toothpaste. Rub a little on a burn and it will take the sting away.

#7. Eat some honey to help cure a bad headache from partying the night before. Did you celebrate too much this New Year’s Eve? A spoonful of honey will help ease the pain.

#8. Cut cakes, cheese, and other "soft solids" with unscented dental floss. Cutting them is always so messy and difficult – use a length of dental floss to make it easier.

#9. Vacuum up two to three tablespoons of cinnamon before you start vacuuming your home. Spread the smell of cinnamon throughout the house with this quick and easy tip.

#10. Add a few drops of essential oil (like lavender or lemongrass) to the cardboard tube in your toilet paper roll. Why spend money on unsightly air fresheners – do it the cheap and easy way.


- Use chopsticks to eat snacks and fruit so as not to get your fingertips messy.

- Run a Post-It through your keyboard to clean in between the keys.

- Put your phone on airplane mode to stop ads while playing games.

- Use binder clips and place them at the back of your desk, then string your cables through them to better organize your wires.

- Bring trick candles when you go camping or to a picnic – if the wind keeps blowing out your match or lighter, then light your fire with a trick candle. It re-lights itself when it gets blown out.

What are your favorite 'life hacks?' Share them with us on our Facebook page!

You can catch the series premiere of 'Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life' on Sunday January 3.

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