TIRED AS A MOTHER: Annie Yu describes the struggles of getting her child to sleep in her own bed

- Tired as a Mother: Health, Happiness, and Hacks highlights the struggles to calm the everyday chaos of being a mom. Annie describes her struggles of getting her child to sleep in her own bed:

Hi, I'm Annie Yu. My sweet baby girl Ava is fun, witty, and very affectionate. In a lot of ways, she is a lot like me. We love adventures, going to beaches, reading, and lots of snacks.

But when the day is over - we relish a good night's sleep.

Only thing is for Ava, that means sleeping in my bed, sandwiched between me and my husband. And it’s not just her - "Llamie," "Dookie" and “Piggy” join us too.

I know a lot of you were like me at the beginning: wanting your little precious pea to be close to you.

But now, our kids are growing and that makes hubby snuggle time non-existent. My husband and I have bought the big girl bed and tried any number of incentives to get Ava counting sheep in her own pasture, but nothing has worked.

I work a crazy shift and sleeping in a bed with my toddler can be very uncomfortable and my efforts to move this little darling down the hall has left me “Tired As A Mother.”

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