Sister Souljah: "Clintons are very slick people"

- Following the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Sister Souljah was quoted by The Washington Post as saying, "If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?"

This fueled a public feud with then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton who criticized her statement.

In a recent interview with Time magazine, Sister Souljah took aim at Hillary Clinton – saying that "she reminds me too much of the slave plantation white wife of the white 'Master.'"

Sister Souljah joined us in studio to talk about her new book and about her recent statements about Hillary.

"I was interviewed by Times magazine, and I knew that I was going to be asked certain things so what I did was prepared my statements in advance and I wrote them down instead of speaking about them - because when I speak, people Photoshop my words and Photoshop my pictures, and people don't get a real honest picture of me. So I wrote on index cards my sentiments," she said about the interview.

"Her manner and her style is bit condescending," she continued. "Even while she was under the command of the Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, she condescends in her conversation and in her representation of him and that's just something that I don't like. I think, sometimes people, when they have a sense of superiority over others, they talk down and I don't think that that's good. I don't think it has a place for public figure especially public servants who are serving the Commander in Chief."

"They misinterpreted everything,” she said when speaking about her decades old feud will Bill Clinton. "But I don't know if it was a misinterpretation or just a calculated political thing. Because when President Clinton started speaking about me, he was a candidate and he was in last place. It wasn't until he started picking on the 'pretty black girl' that he propelled into first place and became the President of the United States of America. I think the Clintons are very slick people. Very slick people."

She spoke about the 2016 presidential race and said none of the candidates are very appealing to her. "I think you just have to watch, you know, and I think when people think that the public is dumb, they can manipulate them. I think all of these candidates in 2016 are not the best representatives of leadership that we need in America right now - in a very serious era, in a very dangerous and controversial era."

"I think we need somebody who is a better statesman - a better communicator - somebody who speaks to the issues and doesn't talk about Starbucks cups and snowflakes and silly things, you know, because people who do that, it means that they think that the public is stupid. That they can manipulate the issues, that they can hide the truth, and mis-color the globe. I think it's important for us to have a global communicator who is intelligent and well read, compassion and concerned about the future of not only their careers but of all of our children, of all races and of all cultures," she continued.

Her new book, A Moment of Silence: Midnight III, follows the story of a Muslim male living in New York whose one moment of rage throws him into a very dark world. She calls the book an action-adventure, a thriller and a passionate love story.

Souljah said she loves writing and has written throughout her career and during school. She says she has worked in both fiction and non-fiction.

Souljah will be at the National Press Club Book Fair on Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

For more on the book, you can visit:

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