'Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last' authors share sex, love and marriage secrets

- Marriage is not easy. Between 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and many who remain married say they are unhappy.

So what causes marriages to fail?

Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley say there are three major problems that cause their downfall. "Sex, money, and communication! Those are the big three!" Dr. Willie, told us when he and his wife visited FOX 5. "Talking versus communicating," Dee added.

The two know what they are talking about! Their marriage has stood the test of time. For 32 years they have been together – and more importantly – have learned how to stay together.

It doesn't mean that they never argued. The first two years were tough – and they both admit it. "The first two years. It was hard. But then we learned some principals from people who had been married 40, 50 and 60 years and we started implementing those principals and everything changed," Willie said.

‘Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last' looks at how to disagree, how to stay together, and how to have fun in the process they say. "There are two ways to a goal. Mentors and mistakes," Willie said. "Both will get you there. One will just get you there with less headaches, heartaches and knocks up side your head!"

And what about sex? Willie and Dee say sex is about intimacy, security, and respect. "You got to start in the morning if you want something in the evening!" said Dee to the men out there.

And for the women, he brings up a story that he says a mother told her daughter on her wedding day. "Don't ever tell that lie that you got a headache," Dee said the mother told her daughter. "Because when you tell that lie that you got a headache, remember there's a woman somewhere with an aspirin in her pocketbook!"

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