Love story of D.C. anchor and N.Y. radio host defines relationship goals; social media in love

- Good Day DC kicks off a week of "DC Love Stories" with FOX 5's Allison Seymour and husband Marc Clarke-- social media fell in love with the couple. 

Valentine’s Day is just ‘one’ day out of the calendar year that celebrates love, but we don’t think that’s enough. This is why we’re dedicating the entire week to local love stories that hit the heart deeper than cupid’s arrow. 

To kick off the week of love tales, FOX 5’s Allison Seymour and husband Marc Clarke shared the up’s and down’s they faced in their journey to “happy ever after.”  Grab your tissues now, because you’re going to need them. 

Allison and Marc met each other in Saint Louis on August 5, 1998 while working at the same television station. And you would think that being in the same industry would cause competitive issues between the two-- wrong! In fact, they are each other’s biggest fans and that trumps their work. 

Allison said, “I want to see him win and he wants to see me win. It’s no competition.” 

When asked if it was love at first sight, Marc said he instantly knew she was the one.  “I dreamed of Allison when I was a child.” 

Cue the awe’s and tears!

Many people tend to have a “type” and this can result in overlooking other “types” while on the quest to find love.  But when Allison encountered Marc, who was not the typical kind of guy she dated, life took her by surprise. “I was like okay, who is this? Big smile, you know big bald head and goatee…and so his personality just like smacked me in the face!” 

But as they grew in their careers the miles between them did too. Marc is currently a radio host for 103.9 in New York City and Allison is a morning anchor for FOX 5 DC. 

So how does the couple manage with the long distance? Being together for many years and being great parents helps. And the couple told all.  

Prior to Marc’s radio host job in New York, he was actually a well-known radio host in Baltimore for 10 years—until he was let go. 

Marc went from making a six figure salary in 2008 to $25,000 in 2009. He did not return to a full time job for another six years. All the while, Allison held it down for the family financially. 

Marc told a tearful Maureen Umeh, “Allison held it down the whole time. Never made me feel less a man. Like I wasn’t pulling my weight.” 

An excellent father to their daughters, Marc always ensured to be there for his girls when they left and arrived home from school. 

This is what team work really means—overcoming hardships hand in hand with grace. 

What has kept the flame in their marriage alive after all these years? Their humor of course!

Both have equally faced trying obstacles in life. And they’ve overcome it all with laughter and smiles. Marc is the funniest person Allison knows and Marc say’s the same thing about her. 

Seriously, can they get any cuter?! Yes, actually they can. 

“Chunky touch” is how Allison describes the love she found with Marc to her girls. And she offered up advice for the single gals looking for love by saying, “Open yourself up to love…Don’t be, I got to have somebody with six pack or whatever. Because you never know what you need. You might need the chunky touch.” 

Well the chunky touch reached social media because people couldn’t stop commenting on the beautiful couple. 

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