Lil' Mo and husband share the up's and down's in their journey to happy ever after

- Cynthia "Lil' Mo" Dargan and Karl Dargan open up about their journey to "happily ever after" and the work it took getting there. 

The pair is known for keeping their personal life hush hush from the media-- until today! They spilled all the tea to Maureen Umeh on their love story. 

Both are not strangers to the entertainment business. Karl Dargan is a professional boxer with 17 wins under his belt. His wife Cynthia Dargan aka Lil' Mo, is well known in the music industry for her voice, writing and is also a reality TV star.

They met over a decade ago and their first date was in 2014 on Valentine's Day-- awe! The pair is now married with a beautiful big family. But it certainly took work getting there.

For Lil' Mo, this is her third marriage, and as they say, third time is the charm. Or like she said to Umeh," I finally got it right after two L's I took for the team. Wrote a book about it too." 

But was it her or was it them?

Lil' Mo said it was a combination of both. While she did confess she played the role of victim after having tried everything to make things right, she found peace after accepting the situation for what it was. Because there is more to marriage than just saying "I Do." 

Was it love at first sight for the power couple?

No doubt for Karl it was! Cupid made it through the television screen because when he first saw Lil Mo on TV a decade ago, he fell in love. 

Giggly Lil' Mo even got him to confess a cute little secret to Umeh. 

Remember those paper love triangles that predicted your future? Well, when Karl was a teen he made one for kicks and it predicted him marrying Lil' Mo. Well, it's 2017 and his wife IS Lil' Mo-- guess those things do work!

For Lil' Mo, she said it took some time for the love to build up. And having mutual friends in common helped the pair keep in touch with their busy careers. 

What do you say to people trying to get it right?

Karl offered up advice for people trying to get their relationship to a better place. He told Umeh,""Never give up! Especially if you're married, till death do you part! Take it seriously. No marriage or relationship is going to be perfect." 

In addition to having a successful marriage and careers, they do pretty well with their big blended family. 

In total, the pair has eight kids. And they certainly don't view them as step-kids either. Lil' Mo likes to call them her bonus babies. Her advice to couples in similar situations is to love and embrace the kids as your very own. 

And for all the girls out there needing advice on this thing called "love," Lil' Mo has you covered.

She said to Umeh, "love is always out there."

Sure it won't fall right in your lap, but at the end of the day it is out there. And if you have a list of what and how you want your Mr. Right to be, throw it out. Because that list will come with issues.


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