Journalist, Sheila Hamilton, opens up about husband's mental illness, suicide in new book

- Mental illness affects more and more people every day. Many times the signs are missed – especially when a loved one is involved.

Five-time Emmy award-winning journalist, Sheila Hamilton, joined us Friday to talk about her new book, "All The Things We Never Knew", which details the signs she missed as her husband's mental illness unfolded before her and eventually led to his suicide ten years ago.

"He was incredibly intelligent, really charismatic and the kind of man that women loved. And then we got married, and he would fall into these very distant depressions," she said of her husband David.

Hamilton said the signs of mental illness and bipolar disorder were there, however, she wasn’t able to put them together herself. She said he suffered from drastic mood swings, terrible anxiety and sleep loss, and changed his eating habits. He was later prescribed anti-depressants, which led to his first manic episode.

After David’s suicide she was left with very few answers. She vowed to understand mental illness for her and her daughter's sake.

Hamilton said her research led her to find what mental health treatments work and what needs to be identified before it is too late.

"If something is happening with your loved one, even if they're denying -- because oftentimes people with mental illness deny that anything is wrong -- you should gather a group of loved ones who are really concerned about that person, and offer them the compassion and care that they need," she said.

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