FOX Beat: Will Poulter says shooting 'The Revenant' on location was 'amazing'

- Actor Will Poulter stared alongside Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio in the new film, 'The Revenant.'

In the movie, DiCaprio portrays real-life frontiersman Hugh Glass, who is attacked by a bear and abandoned by his hunting party. The film follows DiCaprio's character as he uses his survival instinct to find his way home and to track down those who left him for dead.

Poulter, who sat down with FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy Friday, plays legendary mountain man Jim Bridger who gets caught up in the middle of leaving DiCaprio's character or staying behind.

One of the most interesting aspects of shooting the film was that director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu chose to use only natural light – a decision that restricted the amount of time they had to shoot each day.

"Conventionally, you'd light each frame individually with electricity. Not Alejandro," Poulter said. "They shot it with natural light - we shot all on location with real weather elements - for us it was amazing."

The eight-month shoot allowed the actors to immerse themselves in the wild and in their characters, Poulter said.

"I think you wouldn't get that authenticity or that kind of realness that you get when you watch it if we were in a studio with green screen and a wind blower."

Poulter, who has worked in both comedies and dramas, says both are equally as difficult to prepare for. But nothing was more difficult than the film’s battle scenes which required him to be dunked under water – so many that he forgot the count. Those scenes, he says, were the toughest – but the most rewarding!

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