Everest climber Bob Lowry talks about climbing world's tallest peak

If you’ve seen the movie, "Everest," you might wonder why anyone would ever want to climb the world's tallest peak. For climber Bob Lowry, it is in his blood. "I have to go see what's on top and I have to go through the arduous task of doing it. It builds me."

Lowry and his wife climb together. They even met while climbing Everest. For them seeing the movie was very realistic - almost like being back in base camp.

So how do you train to climb Everest? "You get in shape – and you get in more shape,” Lowry said his wife always says. Once you’re in physical shape, you need to be mentally fit and you need to have the proper skills to actually climb the mountain.

You learn a lot about yourself, Lowry says, especially how to control the fear inside of you and how to manage difficult situations. He also said that you learn the value of friendship.

Lowry says a common mistake, like the one made by the guides in the film, is to focus on yourself rather that understanding the environment.

"It’s emotional. I cried," Lowry said about his feeling once getting to the summit. "I actually cried because of how long it takes for you to get there is so powerful. You are in a place a few people will be."

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