Dating Terminology 101: What you need to know about new terms on the dating scene

- Dating these days is tough enough. Throw in all the confusing terminology and it's a completely different ballgame!

Master Matchmakers CEO, Steve Ward, breaks it down!


KITTEN FISHING is when someone is using their real photos but the information they put in their profile is exaggerated at best -- entirely untrue at worst! It’s not full-grown cat fishing, but they are definitely stretching the truth.

HAUNTING is when someone has stopped responding to your direct communications. They only communicate by liking a post on social media, tagging you or direct sharing a story. They've already ghosted you, but now you're being haunted.

BENCHING is like being taken out of the game. You were on the field. You might have thought things were going well. But suddenly you've been put on the bench because someone else has taken your place. You're not exactly cut from the team. You could be called off the bench at any moment. But you have certainly been demoted in terms of standing.

BREAD CRUMBING is when you leave someone little hints, or pieces of hope that they may reciprocate your interest. They don't cut off communication, but they aren't proactive either. They express interest, but don't show it. They minimize communication and leaving hoping for more.

SLOW FADE is when someone goes from constant, almost tireless communication to moments of silence, followed by gaps in communication, followed by a few bread crumbs before ghosting.

STASHING is the latest term to go into the lexicon of digital dating norms. It’s when someone you are seeing is keeping their connection with you secret. You aren't mentioned or shown in any posts or pics whatsoever. You haven't been introduced to any meaningful family or friends.

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