Comedian Marlon Wayans talks family, 'In Living Color,' 'Fifty Shades of Black'

- Comedian and actor Marlon Wayans dropped by the studio Tuesday to spend the morning with the gang from #GoodDayDC! First, he jumped in to do the weather with Tucker Barnes then sat with the GoodDayDC co-hosts to talk "Fifty Shades of Black," comedy,  competition between brothers, and the classic show 'In Living Color.'


In his new film, "Fifty Shades of Black," Marlon spoofs the hit erotic-romance film, "Fifty Shades of Grey." He and co-star Kali Hawk wasted no time getting to know each other – they filmed kissing scenes the first day they worked together! "I kept feeling bad because, you know, I was licking on her face," she said.

Marlon said the process to get approval to make the film was lengthy but worth it.

When making parody film like this one, Marlon says it just comes down to the way he interprets life. "It's not that you want to capitalize. You can parody anything. But reality it's just the way you see the world. I look at the world -- what everybody sees as horror or drama -- I see jokes. That's just the way I’ve been since I was a kid."

He said it was obvious that this film was a good candidate for a parody after he had over thirty pages of jokes after watching it only twice.


As far as making comedies in general, Marlon says the more politically correct the atmosphere is, the easier it is to make people laugh. "Just when they tighten up -- that meets means they need somebody who is fearless to go out there and say the things everybody too afraid to say. They're actually making comedy easier," he said.

"I don't care. My thing is -- you can't care. If I didn't get want to get the news canceled I would drop the f-bomb," he continued.


No completion between brothers, he said jokingly, saying that they all play off each other and try to top each other's jokes.

"Whoever has the most money takes care of everybody else," he said.


Keenan was the first in the family to make it big, Marlon said. "I remember watching Keenan on Johnny Carson, like 1970 something, and we was watching it on a black and white TV with a broken antenna and a hanger -- we didn't even have dials on the TV, we would turn it with a can opener. And we watched my brother on TV and for us it all crystallized -- like wow -- we can all do this," he said. Marlon said Keenan not only was the first to make it big, he reached back and brought the rest of the family with him.


Don’t hold your breath for a 'In Living Color' reunion. Marlon says no plans are in the works as of now. So who was the funniest cast member on the classic show – "That one you’d have to fight out. I don’t know man. You’re trying to get me beat up!"

Find Marlon online for previews of his next hit, 'Fifty Shades of Black!':


Hey going to be live at 10am on #gooddaydc be there for the whole hour. @fox5dc

Posted by Marlon Wayans on Tuesday, January 12, 2016


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